New SI owner from Canada (first impressions)

Discussion in 'Civic Si Models' started by RightNow800, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. RightNow800

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    Howdy y'all?

    Just got my hands on a pre-owned 2015 Civic SI sedan (with 9K miles).

    Traded in my Fiesta ST.

    Curios to know what I drove before the Ford? Here it goes:

    - Mustang GT (2014)
    - Genesis Coupe 3.8 (2014)
    - E92 M3 (2008)

    How do I like my new baby?

    Let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE it!

    The sedan looks brilliant in white with the tinted rear windows and those beautiful rims. Stylish and sporty enough - yet nothing over the top and tacky.

    Interior is phenomenal for the price of this car. I was downright WOWed by how Honda clearly wasn't trying to cut corners when it comes to paying attention to the little details. It's a wonderful driver-oriented place to be for sure.

    Insurance is very reasonable. And fuel economy is excellent (although I wish it didn't drink premium only).

    Now now. The Vtec, YO! Fantastic little 4-banger. I'm still amazed by how Honda made this thing sound so good 100% stock. The cabin is pure heaven under a heavy foot. Not much torque down low, but who cares? This car wants to be pushed and pushed and pushed, and boy is it satisfying to row through the gears at the redline...

    Shifter is also great. Very very smooth and buttery. Rewards you for being a good driver and knowing what you're doing. Clutch is rather light which helps with city driving during rush hour.

    Did I mention Honda reliability? That warranty and those crash ratings though!

    I've owned a lot of cool cars, but there's something so awesome about this gorgeous SI that makes me think I may never happily (and easily) let go of it.

    It really is a perfect combination of all the great things.

    Welcome me aboard! :)
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    Fiesta ST was my second choice after my SI, welcome to the forum.

    How does the handling of your SI stack up to the Fiesta ST?
  3. '13_Si

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    Welcome to the forum. It's surprising to hear how satisfied you are especially after owning two potent V8 cars. You don't find yourself missing all that power?
  4. bauer311
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    Welcome to the forum! Hope you continue to enjoy your civic like the rest of us. Also.....what said.

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  5. webby
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    Nice review. Sounds like you're really loving it so far. Welcome to the site
  6. RightNow800

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    Do I miss all that power? No, I don't.

    Astronomical horsepower amounts are good for nothing if you constantly have to worry about jail time. That was the biggest problem with the Genesis Coupe (348 HP), and more so with the M3 and the Mustang (420 HP). As soon as I'd get on it, boom, speed limit reached. "But, but, that was only 4000 RPM :("

    The SI is a pure BLAST to drive on city public roads, which is where I normally spend my majority of time driving around.

    Sure, the SI's power isn't nearly as neck-snapping as my other cars, but I am absolutely in love with the fact that I can *actually* USE all the (200+) horsepower, and rev the hell out of the engine while driving like a mad man - all that, without necessarily breaking the law.

    Something about that makes the SI extremely fun and addictive to drive.

    On a side note, as well, the SI's shifter is much better than that of all my previous other cars.
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  7. RightNow800

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    The Civic SI is the better handling car. I was immensely impressed by how this car handled.

    I honestly believe the Fiesta ST's handling is slightly overrated by the enthusiasts' community.

    Reason being (in my opinion) is that the car looks like a economy hatchback without the right to provide any sort of driving excitement, but it is a lot of fun drive. That catches you by surprise, and people tend to overhype and exaggerate how good it really is at certain things due to their low expectations in the first place.

    Now, don't get me wrong, the ST sure is a hoot to drive. Handling specifically? Meh. The tall boxy body of the ST takes its toll on driving dynamics.

    The SI's LSD gives it a HUGE advantage. The faster you go, the more stable you feel. That is unlike in the ST where you constantly feel like the next pot-hole is going to ruin all your fun.
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