Official NFL Football Thread

Crazy someone had a dash cam right where the wreck happened
A lot of people are running them these days. My wife and I both have front & rear dash cams.

A lot of my friends do as well.
Dude is done....I believe he has committed felonies from some of the info floating around. The Cheifs already have released him and I'm not sure any other team would want to pick him up.

It been said that they all fled the scene and had bags with handguns? **** is crazy. Dude has ruined his career after just one season in the league.

There is one vid with a guy recording all of the dudes involved just walking away from the cars on the highway. Guy recording says "so you guys are just gonna walk away?" then the guy recoding says to another person "they just left the cars....they probably stole them"

My initial thought was stolen vehicles, or at least the one car where the guys jumped out and walked away? Who does that if they own the car?