Official NFL Football Thread

:think: He published a book with his wife called “This Marriage? The Question That Changed Everything.” and it talked about the cheating, porn addiction and drinking..

New Panthers Head Coach Dave Canales Had Previous ‘Secret Life’ Of Porn Addiction And Binge Drinking​

If Richardson was still in charge no way this guy would of gotten a job.....I think, lol.

I hope he didn't visit the
  • Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift on field after the game? (Yes +1060; No -3000/FanDuel Canada)

  • Will Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift announce their first pregnancy at the Super Bowl? (Yes, +850/BetUs)

  • Will Taylor Swift be seen crying if Kansas City Chiefs lose Super Bowl LVIII? (Yes, +600/BetUS)

  • Will Taylor Swift endorse Joe Biden after game? (+1000/BetOnline)

  • Will Donald Trump mention Swift on Truth Social Feb. 11? (No, -500; Yes, +300/BetOnline)

  • How many times will Taylor Swift be shown on camera during the CBS Super Bowl telecast? (Over 5.5 times, -140; Less than 5.5 times, even/BetUS)

  • Will Taylor Swift be seen mouthing a curse word during the CBS Super Bowl telecast?(Yes, +300/BetUS)

  • Will Taylor Swift’s navel be shown on CBS?(Yes, +800; No, -2500/BetOnline)

  • Taylor Swift lipstick color at Super Bowl LVIII? (Red, -1800; Any other color, +700/BetUS)

  • Which will have more diamond carats?(Taylor Swift engagement ring, -10000; Chiefs Super Bowl ring, +1400/BetOnline)
since I'm about zero for 139,847 in life rooting for teams I would rather have win, we shall see if the reverse decorations break the cycle

NBCUniversal paid $110 million for the rights to the game, according to various reports, with Amazon expected to pay more.

I wonder what the advertising is worth for just that game. I realize they're trying to get people to subscribe to the streaming platforms.

CBS is projected to generate 650 million dollars in advertising revenue from the super bowl. I wonder how the playoffs compare for ad revenue.
I think I heard that the one playoff game this year that was on Peacock generated 20% more subscriptions for the year? Or compared month to month?
Kelce should be benched the rest of the game for getting in Reid's face and bumping him. Ungrateful SOB