Official NFL Football Thread

Such bullshit. #NFLRigged

But the Lions shouldn't have went for the 2 point conversion 3 times! (Initial / offsides / final time).

Also they would have been up 3 if they went for the Field Goal down at the goal line instead of trying to go for it on 4th down...

Look, if Jerry greased a palm or two, I'm willing to look the other way

Announcers are funny. Baker Mayfield and the Bucs beat Carolina... Like no ****. They are the worst team in the NFL and they barely pulled it off (9-0).. all field goals lol
I didn't think Josh Allen and the Bills could pull off that win after the 1st half but they did! :thumbsup:
What are your predictions?

Sat 4:30 pm ET Browns @ Texans (NBC)
Sat 8 Dolphins @ Chiefs (Peacock)
Sun 1 Steelers @ Bills (@NFLonCBS/@paramountplus)
Sun 4:30 Packers @ Cowboys (FOX)
Sun 8 Rams @ Lions (NBC)
Mon 8 Eagles @ Bucs (ESPN)

1st Game - I feel like the Browns can pull it off. I definitely like Flacco (Yeah Yeah Webby... lol)
2nd Game - I'm not a fan of Patrick Mahomes... but I think the Dolphins have been on a downward spiral and won't win.
3rd Game - Go Bills! **** the Steelers. But Josh Allen even with his mistakes last night brought the team back!
4th Game - Ugh.... Don't like @Honda-Fan 's Cowboys but think if they do what they have been doing the last few weeks they have a good chance. The Packers are hot too! So it's gonna be a close game.
5th Game - I don't want Stafford (Rams QB) to come back to Detroit and beat them! Go Lions
6th Game - Eagles are been shitty... They are lucky to be in the playoffs.. Go Baker! Not sure he can do it but hope so. Also WR1 for the Eagles is out. He shouldn't have been playing yesterday!
He had a terrible amount of interceptions since he joined the team, but he also had a number of high yardage games in a row. Way too many people out on injury, and stroud played great. Sucks to end the season like that, but whatever.