Please Help Me To Decide Which Offer Is Better! 12SI vs 14SI


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Hi everyone,
Recently I found two offer of buying a Civic Si, i don't know which offer is more worthly:

1.2012 Civic Si Coupe
Perfect Car Proof Record
99% Clean on body
Fully Loaded
85,000 km
$15,500 CAD

2.2014 Civic Si Sedan
Perfect Car Proof Record
99% Clean on body
Fully Loaded
10,000 km
2 years leased, 2 more years until returning the car ( Monthly $333CAD)
*Assume i'm going to buyback the car 2 years later*

Personally I like 2014 Sedan, the reason is the current owner doesn't drive a lot, plus it has the red seat, better interior.
On the other side, the 2012 Coupe seems to be a good deal to me as well, but the mileage is a bit higher than average.
Can someone analyze it for me which offer is better! Thanks!!
The 2014 had a few nice little upgrades to the interior, exhaust, and suspension.
I went from a '12 coupe to a '14 coupe and I was very happy that I did.
That's my $0.02 worth.
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Do you want/need the 2 extra doors? Do you like the look of the 14 over the 12? Do you want the extra tech goodies the 14 offers over the 12(push start, keyless entry/start, touchscreen radio?

More importantly....if you end up not buying the 14 after the lease is over, could you stay under the mileage at the end of the lease terms?
Not sure if cash flow's your concern; the lease option might be better for you currently.
1. for the '14 you're still under warranty of parts in case something fails.
2. lower mileage on the car CAN mean it'll last a little longer.
3. used car buying veterans will tell you never buy the first year of a new generation, namely the 2012.
4. i own the 2 door myself, but i really just chose that cuz i like 2 doors - i don't think 2 doors has much of a performance edge over a 4 door model.

and what @Nomar06 mentioned which can be the deal breaker for you, are you able to stay within the mileage limit of the lease?