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Possible cc clutch noise??


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queens, ny
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civic si
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Okay so i got a prl stage 2 turbo kit with stage 4 cc clutch unsprung... I couldnt install the clutch myself so i had a shop do it for me. It was installed about a year ago and i heard this sound since.
When i am around 4500 rpms and still in gear i hear a rattling sound. When i press down on the clutch it goes away. And if i step on the gas a little it goes away also. I only hear it when i let go of gas pedal and stay in gear at 4500 rpms and up. I dont notice it when the rpms are lower and i usually hear it from 4th gear and up..
When i am just idling it sounds just a little rough and when i push the clutch pedal down it sounds better..
install was about a year ago (4,000 miles later) and it hasnt got any worse.. The shop didnt really cooperate with me.. It is annoying me though..
So what do you think?? Throw out bearing?? Or maybe its pipes rattling together.. Just trying to get second opinions before i look into it.. Thanks