Post pictures of your pets


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I know there are some pet owners on here, so let's see photos/videos of your pets.
Archie (mini American Eskimo) & Carmel (Yellow Labrador Retriever)

I would be afraid of that Canadian aswell.....:giggle:
Oscar the dog and Eli the cat. They will be re-united again soon when my parents go to Argentina soon.....should be interesting for a week or so until they start getting used to each other. Eli lives at my place(roommates cat) and Oscar is my parents.





^^^ haha, he looks like he's squinting to see. Nomars cat looks like it doesn't care in the 2st pic, then looks like it's going to kill someone in the 3nd. Ken, how old is carmel?
Carmel turned 12 last September. Her hips are really bad, but she gets shots at the vet, and another vet visits our house to perform accupuncture every week, which seems to help.

She can still move around, and even drag her 70 pound body up into a chair. She has also developed very good front body strength, which helps to compensate.

Archie loves her.
:( that's sad. I know someone who had a lab with bad hip problems. They gave him medication for quite a while to help. He had a hard time standing up if he had been laying down or anything really. The meds seemed to help a decent bit. I don't know what the pill was, but it had it once a day if I remember correctly. It was prescribed by the vet.