Question for anyone who has done a bi-xenon/LED retrofit


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What did you end up doing with the stock halogen high beams? In the factory set up they work as DRLs and high beams but I assume with a retrofit setup the DRL function is taken over by the new projectors. Are the old halogen bulbs usually wired to turn on with the new high beams? Do they still come on as DRLs?
if you want to retain the DRL function you will need some kind of isolation harness that separates the DRL and high beam signals. The partial voltage was bad for bi-xenon solenoids and is probably not great for bi-led systems

If you kill off the drl, usually by pulling a fuse you can avoid the issue, but you might end up with a fault light on the dash for it.
I believe it is fuse #22 (check that).. I pulled mine the day I got my car and I have no errors on my dash.. high beams still work
I live in Canada where DRLs are required by federal law so pulling a fuse isn't an option for me.
They’re required to be on new cars, but I cannot see a cop pulling someone over for no drl. There are tons of cars on the road that are older that don’t have drl.