Photos Sunburst Orange Pearl

My SOP Si and my friend John's Magma Red 370Z.
Who copied who's color?
Sorry for the over exposed photo, my GS4 was no match for the sun that day.

Skunk2 Springs and XXR 535 rims 17 x 7.... What other colors would look good with our color car besides white n black? Any suggestions?
Mine with a little tint. I think I sets of the color more. Pardon the snow.
I'm looking at a 2013 Si... originally I didn't like the SOP color at all but now I think it's really interesting because it changes so much! Kinda like my DBP which can look green or blue depending on light.

I know this is a weird question, but I know it's a beautiful color all clean, but what does SOP look like dirty?