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Discussion in 'Tail Of The Dragon VI Meet September 2017' started by webby, Aug 11, 2017.

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    If it's got the ability for channel & sub channel, they generally all work together. I have a cheapo set of Midlands that have worked with everything every year with the channel:sub settings matched.

    Also, if it seems like the radio isn't working, try turning up the volume! hah! I'm an idiot!

    It seems like all the "ranges" are a couple of miles but that is straight line distances. These do work better than cell phones and are nice to have in case a group gets separated or to call for a full stop in the event of a wreck. Very very handy to have. Plus they end up just being fun around the house.

    EDIT: I suspect this years channel:sub setting will be 9:17 if the sub channels reach that high.
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