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The Official New England Chat/Event Thread


Wait, I don't drive a civic anymore....
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Adams MA
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Ford Focus ST
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hey guys I'll be in lake George this week for vacation with my girlfriend. I won't have my car (her focus has more room) pm me if you wanna meet up for dinner or something.


Gotta Love It
Bedford, Ma
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I give up on this car lol. Backed to into parking spot over the weekend. took it out of reverse to let it coast back. My tires hit the lil cement stopper so I pulled forward a little. When I got out I seen there parking spots were lined with large rocks. Sure enough, I backed into the only rock sticking out over the parking spot and took out a nice lil piece of paint. Between scraping both doors, the soft paint on the hood that had chipped away so much of the hood from rocks (that now one spot has started to rust) and this, I come to realize I can't keep this car nice lol. I have never had this much trouble with any car I've ever owened before this.


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North NJ
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Saw a lowered DBP FB6 with exhaust and possibly a Mugen wing on Burncoat St, Worcester, MA, tonight at 10 PM. Is it anyone on here?

Just moved to the area... Trying to meet some 9th gens around here. Lmk!!