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DIY 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid mirrors on a non Hybrid Civic (4dr only)


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Civic Ex
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Best method is to compare part numbers. A good site to find the parts in comparison is college hills honda. http://www.collegehillshondaparts.com/ Maybe you can talk to them to get a decent price on the mirror


Thanks ADExternal. I have been looking on their site and trying to figure out the best solution. I need to go stalk a local hybrid with the turn signal mirrors here locally.


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Alright so dumb question since I know nothing about wiring of cars but what's the exact reason we couldn't just install the stock heated Hybrid mirrors and use the OEM plug to just plug them in for power? Does the harness in the Si not have the necessary connections to just plug and play so that the defrost button would activate the heaters and the turn signals would do the LEDs on the mirror?

Better yet, the Canadians have standard side mirror heating on EX and up, including Si... is it possible to get a mirror assembly from Canada and plug and play?