Anyone here a beer advocate?

Is it like a traditional belgian sour? Berliner weisse? Or is it a bit different?
Id say it's a traditional sour. It's pretty good.
U drink that straight up gangsta ****. View attachment 62105

If your ever in the Asheville NC area you should go to Sierra Nevada’s brewery. They spent all the monies on it and it’s pretty much a beer lovers dream. Super nice facility, restaurant with great food, you can see the production line, awesome outdoor area, an amphitheater with concerts during the summer, fresh garden and flower garden for the restaurant.

The place is insane...

New Belgium has a super nice place there too but I haven’t been there yet.
I’m Simple.

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You try Allagash White yet?
Of course. I've had it years ago. I only had two Hoegardens last night so I need to try a few more before I give my real opinion but I like them. Might like Allagash White more tho.