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Hey guys just got the kit now at lunch! Just thought to post what the kit comes with for those of you who are interest...

The kit comes with:
- Double sided 3M tape
- 1/8" screws for hardmounting
- Four 9" 18LED tube lights
- 4' of wire for each tube light
- 1.5" x 2.5" Controller (for color changing, sound, constant-on, pulse, etc etc..)
- And a little manual telling you that you've bought LED's if your that dumb...

I would also suggest getting add-in circuits

You can order those HERE

The source I got them from is LED GLOW... You can order from them by clicking the hyper link i added HERE

Service rep i spoke with (Justin) Suggested the 9" tubes because he said for the 2012 2 door civic it would look best doing the footwells, and under the seats for full light coverage.. that's why i when with them

I know there a little bit expensive for LED's but this company makes quality ****... just felt as though it was worth the little extra

Here we are! About two hours for a full installation! Looks phenomenal!!!! Don't take my word for it tho, see for yourselves
I'm a big computer hardware guy, and cable management is utmost important to me! I took panels apart, slid wires, and drilled holes to make this mod PERFECT!!

For reference sake, the system is supposed to be soldered to a 10A circuit, i only used the 15A circuit in this case because it was easiest for me to take the two 24 gauge wires, solder them, then have them marette'd to the lighting systems wiring. LED glow used standed AWG #24 as you can see, so i just got AWG #24 stranded as well

As for grounding, you can use any bare metal in the call. I used the bolts used to fasten the seat belts in the rear seat because i ran 12v to the rear of the car for a plug and for my trunk lighting

Tell me what you think! Keep in mind these pictures are taken in BROAD DAYLIGHT (PIC #9 you can really tell), so it'll look a lot better tonightt :D


Just wanted to add, your wiring into fuse slot 23


Can't even tell there are wires there! Use of black electrical vinyl tape :)


Not a Wire in sight! Serious cable management skillz! :p



Night Shots!!
What you'd see on from a shiney windows :p

Litterally took me like a hundred tries for this... but this is a passenger wide angle shot :)


Drivers view..

So much light its hard for the camera to focus... This is the passenger side flooring

This is the widest angle this lens can achieve but it gives you a good idea of the light spread throughout the cabin in near completely dark lighting...

Any Questions?? Feel free to ask
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your feet are in lava! :omg: That is seriously bright! I wonder if black mats would tone it down a bit
brighter? passenger cars will think the interior of your car is on fire at night
just installed very simple! having the black all weather mats definitely toned it down
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wow, that looks amazing:) i want to do that for my 2013 honda civic lx sedan but i cant find a kit or im just not searching right -__-