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DIY DIY: Make your fog lights YELLOW with vinyl


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I am here today to show you guys/girls how to make your fog lights yellow. This is my first time doing this, so be easy on me. I probably skipped out on some pictures, but oh well! It took me about 5-10 minutes with taken pictures.

TOOLS YOU NEED: Screw driver, razor(not shown), glass cleaner, yellow vinyl, credit card, hair dryer or heat gun.

STEP 1: Take your fogs out of your vehicle. For 2012 Civic (Dx,Lx,Ex,Si) Its just one screw on the bezel. Link to my how to take out your fogs lights to change your bulbs.

STEP 2: Take off the fog light bezel to get out the way. RED circle screws are to get the fog light bezel off, VIOLET circle screws are to get the metal bracket off the fog light.

STEP 3: Once the fog light bezel if off, It will look like below. Now clean the fog light with glass cleaner.

STEP 4: Mix some water and soap and put a little on the fog light. Example below

STEP 5: Use the heat gun or hair dryer and blow on it, so the vinyl can get soft and stretchy. No picture.

STEP 6: Use a credit card to get the bubbles out. Example below

STEP 7: Next cut the excessive vinyl off with a razor around the fog light, but leave some to fold back behind the fogs. No picture.

STEP 8: Use the heat gun or hair dryer to heat the left over vinyl on the side and fold it behind the fogs. No picture.

STEP 9: Now reinstall the bracket and fog light bezel back on and take pictures.

What it looks like with 3k HIDS in my fogs. It didnt look as bright with clear fogs. One side looks like darker because one of my HID bulb is going out.

Thank you for taking your time to look.