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No-Lift Shfit Issues


New Member
Here's what's been going on with me...

I recently set mine for 5900rpm and 75%... reasoning being it seems the highest rpm I can no lift shift at is 6000, anything after that and 1-2 will grind/block me from putting it in gear. Not sure why, I have seen videos of others shifting higher, and 2-3 seems to let me go as far as 6300rpm.

Even weirder, sometimes it will not work at that rpm either. 2-3 usually has a better chance of slipping in than 1-2 when it does work, and when it does work I enjoy like using it. However it kind of sucks to feel like every pull is a gamble on whether or not it will slip into gear correctly.

Also I don't think it is my shift timing, because multiple times I have precisely pressed in the clutch at 5900rpm(along with trying it at other rpm's) and sometimes the same rpm point will go in smooth, and sometimes it will reject it. I tested going at a lower rpm, and nothing lower than 5500rpm will work(obviously would rather go as high as possible), but similarly its always a coin toss.

Anyone else have any no lift shifting issues?? Makes me almost want to just turn it off, and live with having to shift then raise rpms, then dump clutch...

***sorry for ranting***