Photos Official retrofit thread (pics and specs)

From my last Si. I went for something weird. They turned out weird but the Duallys were great as fogs without turning the headlights on and the FX-Rs were awesome. Which was great because I wasn't satisfied with the looks haha.


Question for everyone who has done retro's. My H1M 7.0's just showed up today. I was wondering what everyone is using for their High Beams? Factory or the Projectors?
single projector,... most have used the factory high beams that I've seen.
single projector,... most have used the factory high beams that I've seen.

Thats what I was thinking. However If I decided to do the LED DRL in the High beams from what I have researched you will loose High Beam function. So I guess I should have rephrased my question to that. Is anyone doing that and if they did how did they tie in the high beam harness to the Projectors while using the the LED DRL?
it's not that you lose the high beams, it's just that they aren't comparable in output to stock. You won't really have bright high beams.
EDIT: I'm assuming you're using parts from The Retrofit Source, in which case the projectors come with wires for the solenoids. If you aren't using TRS, this might not apply.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, the bi-xenon solenoid is fairly easy to wire up. Just splice the positive and ground for the solenoid into the positive and ground for the high beams. Then your projectors will work as both high and lows. Did you have to do much trimming of those shrouds?

Well Finally got my retro done. Very pleased with the outcome. Ill get better outside pics after I wash my car.

hey guys, so i am decdieding to go down the retrofit route for my car finally. just had a quick question before i ordered. im going to be replacing everything with the lights so im ordering the H1 HID bulbs in 5500K. my question for the wiring harness.. would i need to get the HD relay H1/H3 or the HD relay 9006?? i know our stock headlights are 9006. i know its a stupid qustion but i would rather ask than order the wrong part. thanks a lot guys! any help is appreciated! (first time retrofitter)lol
you want the 9006 kit, its to connect up to the connectors in your car. The hid bulb base may be h1 but its got standard aftermarket connectors (amp) to hook up to the ballast.