Swapping an ILX w/auto into a 2013 ex

Discussion in 'Coupe & Sedan (Non-Si)' started by Ryan Gutierrez, Mar 4, 2019.

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    New to the group, it I'm wondering if anyone knows if the 2.4L from an ILX will fit into a 2013 civic ex model? Just want more power without going forced induction. Any help would be appreciated as I'm more used to swapping ej1 and ek civics and integras where u can swap anything lol.
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    You want the ILX engine to have an auto trans?

    The k24z7 is the engine found in the Si (2012-2015). The 2013-15 ILX uses the same engine. The engine could be swapped, but I have no idea how large that auto trans is in the ILX. You can swap the manual trans from the civic si in. The problem is always going to come down to cost. The engine swap question comes up a lot, or swapping to a manual trans. Without retyping it all (it's cheaper to swap vehicles)

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    Just trade it up to the new Nsx right off the bat so you won’t have to worry about power ever again.
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    I am not sure about the auto transmission but the K24Z3 from the ILX will drop into the 9th Civic but you will need the Z7 oil pan for it the mate with the Rear motor mount.
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