Vancouver Chat Thread

Burrows is making quite the name for himself these playoffs
not only that every time he gets 2 goals the second one has been game winners clutch player....

BOS is 1-26 all-time when trailing a series 2-0 (lone win came vs MTL in 1st round)
VAN is 5-1 all-time when leading a series 2-0, 2-0 this year
Since 1968, teams with a 2-0 SCF series lead are 25-2 in winning the series (71-CHI, 09-DET being the losers)
Only PIT in 2009, have come back from trailing a series 2-0 twice in the same playoffs
Only team in SCF history to come back from 3-0 was the 1942 Maple Leafs
Go Canucks Go!!! Cluck cluck brawk brawk!!!

It's not just Luongo. The whole team doesn't play well in that building. At least they get to have the last game at home and have the best shot at making it happen.
as much as canucks have had problems in boston the same can be said about bruins they have only scored 2 goals in 3 games in vancouver and have been shutout twice.

this is why you play the regular season games to get home ice advantage.
Anticipating the madness downtown tomorrow. It will be ridiculous one way or another.