SiriMoto W Brace - Unique Design

Our in-house brand SiriMoto just came out with an cool new chassis brace that has a unique design unlike any other brace out there on the market for the 9th Gen Civic. We call it the "W Brace" you probably guessed, it is shaped like a W :)

The W Brace links two key sections of the bottom (subframe) of the vehicle. The easiest way to see what spots it connects is to just watch our YouTube install video below.

The really nice thing about this unique chassis brace is that it works even with the OEM cat converter and does not require uninstalling any factory undertray covers! It works on all 9th Gen Civics too. The extruded aluminum clamshell bar design also gives it maximum strength to handle chassis flex during cornering.

PM me for a special forum discount for this product launch!

Check out more details or purchase here: