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  1. Mikeorock

    NYS Emissions Testing, Monitor Catalyst and EVAP Not Ready

    Yes.. The defouler was clogged up with carbon. It's only a little hole that feeds air to the sensor. I'm cleaned it out.. Got the sensor to complete and I passed inspection. That's with a turbo kit with no cat and vit tune.. Pretty good!!!
  2. Mikeorock

    NYS Emissions Testing, Monitor Catalyst and EVAP Not Ready

    Yes.. Ive had it mounted the whole time(about 3 years) with no cat.. It had a defouler on it the whole time and i just leave disabled through flashpro.. Last year i had no problems.. I just enabled it, drove at a steady 55 for about 20 minutes and it was ready and i passed.. This year i tried...
  3. Mikeorock

    ABS/VSA/power steering??

    Don't know if this is your situation but maybe it will help.. When I installed my clutch I disconnected the steering rack.. When I reconnected it back, the power steering and traction control light stay on and I get the errors on the display.. The rack is real sensitive.. Maybe something...
  4. Mikeorock

    NYS Emissions Testing, Monitor Catalyst and EVAP Not Ready

    I can't my catalyst monitor to be ready.. I drove for an hour at 55mph and it's been enabled for a while now.. I have a turbo with no cat but I was able to pass last year after driving a steady 55 mph for 20 minutes.. Not sure what's wrong.. Maybe the sensor is bad..
  5. Mikeorock

    Trying to pass inspection and failing. Code P0139

    Anyone know why my o2 sensor will not complete? I've had it enabled for a while now and it won't complete
  6. Mikeorock

    Another VitTuned aftercooled Si roaming the streets!

    Got that right... Good advise for anyone who's undecided
  7. Mikeorock

    Doing a clutch job

    Ok thanks.. I really think my throw out bearing making noise the whole time and now it's collapsed or something because I can't take it out of gears. I just wonder how hard the job really is... Everyone says the k rame is hard but how hard can it really be
  8. Mikeorock

    Doing a clutch job

    Anyone have any advice on doing a clutch job??? It will be my first time doing one and I'll be doing it in a drive way on stands. I've been reading up on it. It doesn't seem too bad... I've been having a rattling noise in my clutch. I think it was the throw out bearing... The other day I took...
  9. Mikeorock

    ACUITY shift linkage bushings

    Now that I've had them on for a while I can say the shifting is definitely much better..
  10. Mikeorock

    Kevv's '13 FB6 Build thread

    I know that's gotta be 94a haha
  11. Mikeorock

    ACUITY shift linkage bushings

    I've had mine in for a week now.. They feel a little better then the hr bushings. I did notice the hr bushings definetly have more play like hella jdm said.. The acuity bushings fit nice and snug because of the rubber rings.. I also noticed the hr spherical bearing was kind of seized. It still...
  12. Mikeorock

    DIY Clutch Delay valve Removal

    Ouch.. So every time you hit the clutch in it was spraying fluid out and every time it would come back up it would suck a little air in.. That's why it kept getting worse like you said.. O well as long as it's good now..
  13. Mikeorock

    DIY Clutch Delay valve Removal

    Yea.. I, glad you fixed it... If I was you, I would keep a mental note of the clutch fluid resivour.. Make sure it's always at the same level.. If the level starts to go down you may have a leak.. Once the resivour is empty you will start to get air in the system..
  14. Mikeorock

    Want To Buy Wtb: bronze hfp r7 (8th gen) rims

    Sorry.. Was looking for a whole set. Thanks any way tho
  15. Mikeorock

    clutch question

    Yea.. Good luck!! It is an important decision.. It sucks driving with a bad clutch..