JDM Emblems - Fake? Real? (UPDATED 5/29/13)

I got the J's racing steering wheel emblem in the "package" deal as well. Mine is from graphXp and has the chip in the bottom right corner.
Hey Webby,

Where did you get yours from? Real? replica?

Once the corsport emblem arrives I'll do another write up and comparison. As I said I am unsure of whether mine are real or replica. They do look pretty darn good though. I was thinking high quality replica but after seeing your pics I think they may be real.

I bought a set of real ones and they were packaged exactly as yours. I think the fakes do not have the white tab protectors, that packaging, etc. It could be that they are not making them as carefully in Japan as they used to. If you think they are inferior quality, sell them on ebay but say you don't know if they're real or not. You'll get most or all of your money back when people see the packaging, the red plastic covering the tape, the white tab covers, etc.
I got the J's racing steering wheel emblem in the "package" deal as well. Mine is from graphXp and has the chip in the bottom right corner.
Mine too, same vendor. Love looking at it when I drive.
The steering wheel emblem does look good. The chip really isn't noticeable unless you look for it.
UPDATE: I have the front emblem replacement from Corsport. On to the pics and my final determination and some very interesting conclusions.....

Corsport emblem in the package:

Interesting thing here is that the plastic bag is the same type as the ones from GRFXP. Several other online comparisons state that the emblem should be in bubble wrap with cardboard backing. I think they no longer come that way from Japan. This one also had an invoice stating the emblem is really from JDMLand/ICBM motorsports. However it does have the cardboard backing.

The labels:

Corsport label: It is not a different part number but the # just above the barcode is different. H3D15

GRFXP label: G0S20


Note the lack of the japanese recycle symbol on the corsport bag. Trust me it's not on there I know you can't see the whole thing in the pic I put up.


Side by side there is a slight color difference. The GRFXP emblem is a darker shade of red, the Corsport emblem is brighter.
I tried to capture it but that sort of thing is difficult with any camera. You would not notice it just looking at either separately but next to each other you can see it. The Corsport emblem looks larger but trust me it is ever so slightly smaller.

Corsport on the Left. GRFXP on the Right.


The back: Very very interesting. The backing tape is a completely different color. The pins on the Corsport emblem did not have the white protector caps. Neither had the square cutout between the pegs I have seen before. The tape coverage was also different. NOTE: I have already trimmed the GRFXP pegs. I was unhappy with my inital fitment which is why I ordered the new emblem.

The sides were different slightly as well: Notice the difference in appearance of the chrome edge. More lip on the Corsport. Also look at the edge of the H on both. Neither one sticks up above the surface. They are both perfectly flat but you can see the edge under the clear on the GRFXP emblem. Also there were ZERO corner blems on the Corsport emblem.


Another angle.... The Corsport emblem looks to be a bit thinner as well.
Conclusion: I think the corsport emblem is genuine and real. The grfxp is replica.

Slight differences in appearance and packaging could just be changes from the factory that no one has any control over. Buy from a reputable vendor and you should get a quality product. I am satisfied with the product from both vendors.


What about those different numbers on the packaging?

I believe that the emblems are from different model years.Same car: EP3 but different years. Like the 2012 to 2013 update. Slight changes but still the same civic. Hence the slight differences and the same part number but different, for lack of a better term, barcode number.

I do feel that the corsport emblem is of a higher quality and had less visible defects and imperfections. My recommendation is to get your emblems from corsport or procivic.

My main reason for purchasing a second emblem was that I felt the fitment was not perfect enough on the GRFXP Front emblem. I bought the package deal and still feel it was a good value. Deciding on emblems for your 9th gen may be just as tricky as there are several vendors with slightly different options available.

Let me know if anyone has more questions. Thanks for reading. I hope this was helpful.
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Maybe AlienPrime remembers where we bought our badges from (ebay seller). Great service is all I remember. Really a nice guy and was very patient with me when I was buying them.

So, I'm finally getting around to installing my Si grill, along with many other things at the same time, and so I took off the JDM one and put it on my Si grill and put my OEM silver one back on the car until I do the grill switch. After I took off the badge I peeled off the wrecked 3M tape and saw something that may, or may not prove that these badges are the real deal. There is a part # and Honda printed on the back. Would knock off companies go to this trouble when they know it will be covered up? Possibly.

Anyway, here are the picks. This badge has a lot of curve to it and our grills are so flat.P1020726.JPGP1020727.JPG

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Most of the companies get an original part to work from. From there they'd take the tape off the back to get an actual copy of the plastic piece....to take a scan/mold of the part. I'd wager all of the badges ...real/fake will have that.
Was going to order from grfxp like I did for my 8th gen Si, but now I remember them bowing up and peeling off ever so slightly after less than a month. After seeing this thread, I feel it is confirmed that they sell fakes. Plus, I'm not very satisfied with spending $8 on a washed out JDM red H badge that doesn't even stay on. CorSport gets my money from here on for true badges.
Maybe AlienPrime remembers where we bought our badges from (ebay seller). Great service is all I remember. Really a nice guy and was very patient with me when I was buying them.

Super nice, bought my shift knob and logos from him. Store name was Exopart. He closed up shop on eBay last I saw because eBay's fees were getting out of hand for a small shop like his apparently.
^ that's where corsport sends their emblem orders from.
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^ that's where corsport sends their emblem orders from.

Ohh ok ok, thanks for the info. The emblems on jdmland are only $110 (front and rear). Corsport has them for $130, that's why I was curious.
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Depending on where you live, you may have taxes/shipping fees close to one another. You could also pm them and ask if they have a promo code or anything you could use.
So I talked to corsport and they said they're price is firm on the emblems cause it's hard to keep them in stock. They said soon they'll be raising the prices.