ProCivic projector matte black LED headlights

I totally agree with you about the headlight turning off while signaling. They probably did that to improve visibility of the turn signal, but it's not necessary imo. Also switch backs are are awesome for the signals!!! Only thing I don't like is the SMD bulbs. I wish they were projected CREEs. Might have to upgrade those in the future. Plus it's not too hard to change the turn signals once the lights are installed tho it is a tight fit trying to get your hand through the wheel wall and up through the fender.

That's what I thought when I got mine. Everything should connect to something. Maybe upload a pic to a HID thread to see if someone can help you out!
Yea i will do tomorrow.. Thanks... I looked at it for a while.. It just didnt work out
Just a up heads if someone wants to put smd LED bulbs in the DRLS: the bulb is a little bit bigger than the slot so a little bending of the metal opening is needed to get it to fit. It wasn't difficult just a surprise.

@323 I think I'm going to try the plug and play resistor kit, that I got from you and was running in my stock headlights with 9005 LED DRLs, with these H1 LEDs. Should work. What do you think?

H1 smd LEDs......
I'm just a little confused, trying to remember what connections were on there compared to what connections the headlights come with but no harm trying to see if it works I guess. Go for it
I did this to my LED bar. Mind you I did this on purpose as i wanted them in sync with my switchbacks, so others may have wired it so that they are just on and don't blink. I think it looks awesome when they're in sync.


Trying to do this now...
I can get the strip to get power from the switchbacks when they're white, and I can get the strip to flash with the switchbacks when they're yellow, but o can't figure out how to wire it to do both. When I try connecting the strip to both wires (parking and signal wires) they mess with the turn signal bulbs and it just doesn't work.
Any help on how you wired it?
I tapped the white LED strip wire to the red signal wire then the black LED strip wire to the the middle or outside signal wire. I can't remember which one right now. I can check for you when my new switchbacks come in the mail and I install them but if you tapped the red and white then just touch the black wire to the wire taps that are connected for the resistors. The metal portion on top of the tap should give you a quick way to check if you leave your turn signal on and finish the circuit. Sorry if this isn't very clear, I'm still half asleep lol
Well... It is a little unclear lol but watching the video again I noticed that the switchback is blinking yellow and white, so they gives me a clue to how you wired it
Turns out there are two different types of switchbacks. When talking about the popular Amber/White color combination, there's the more popular AmberOff (AO) that is usually white, but when activated, flashes between Amber and nothing, or Off. Then there's an AmberWhite (AW) switchback that is also usually white, but when activated switches between Amber and White.

Mine are Amber Off, yours are Amber White.
Took a break half way through the project. Then I started back up but ran into difficulties and out of sun light.

Did the right side first. All three lights were working. After the break I installed the left side. Both LED bars are working and the parking/signal lights. I got a code for the DRLs so I think the plug and play kit I have may not be okay for these H1 bulbs. Its strange though because the DRL on the right side was working fine until I attached the left side. ? Maybe a faulty ground on that side. ?

Also have problem with HIDs. Relays are hooked up. Right one was working fine, but then I hooked up the left one and the right one didn't work anymore just the left one. Now both are out. I must have blown a fuse. ? Anyone know which fuse I need to be looking at for headlights? Or should I be checking the fuse in the HID kit?

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The light pattern is fixable, I spent a few hours in the garage the other night adjusting them and there almost perfect now