ProCivic projector matte black LED headlights

If you are taking a fuse out and adding this you need two fuses. 1 for the fuse you are replacing and one for the new circuit you are adding.

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Okay gotcha! man I feel like a dumb*** now. I replaced fuse 19 7.5A with the tap with a 7.5A on the Fuse Box side and a 20A on the load side and everything works perfectly! Should I change the 20A to a 7.5A so they match?

Fogs trigger is still on this same line too and that also worked fine. Now that its working I have two more sets of LEDs I mounted in lower bumper to wire into this and see if they work or if I need to run them to a different tap.

Lastly, I will repeat the same tap setup on the fuse under the hood (fuse 28) for the interior Dome lights and see if my footwells will work now too.

*headdesk* and the damn tap packaging didn't say to use two fuses either.
Hey, I fixed images in previous post.

No, I was just using one fuse in one of the slots, didnt realize it required two? So if its going into a 7.5 it should have two 7.5s in it?

gonna clean this up nice and easy :)

Make it as simple as possible. Not getting power into fuse slot from pigtail?
Try putting a single fuse into bottom section of pigtail add in fuse (closest to wire)
Hahaha! Happy it all worked for you! No worries. We've all "Been there, done that".

I remember one time I was changing out my DRLs for LEDs. I put the new wiring harness in and had everything hooked up properly and couldn't get the dam things to work. I checked everything 5 or 6 times and just couldn't figure it out. Then I had to do an errand so took the emergency brake off and they came on! The dam DRLs won't work with the Emergency brake on! :pat: I wasted over an hour trying to figure that out. Sometimes it's the simplest things that cause the most problems. Haha
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@AlienPrime & @Pauly99to17 Thanks guys! Yeah sucks haha, I'll update you guys once I get the other stuff I said working too and post pics of before/after.

@Pauly99to17 did you see this question? "Should I change the 20A to a 7.5A so they match?"

Thanks again.

Teaser after pic
Just put the fuse that you took out into bottom slot of the fuse tap. Then put a new fuse for your new circuit in the top of the fuse tap. Not sure what rating the new fuse should be. I would guess a 15 W, but cannot confirm that.

The LEDs look really good man. Nice upgrade!
Do the lights list their amperage on the packaging somewhere?
Hey, not anywhere that I could find.

Both LEDs in the headlight, the fog trigger, and lower LEDs are all on fuse 19 now and working great with no issues so far. *knocks on wood*

Once I process the photos Ill toss them up for you guys to see the final at night.

Thanks again everyone!
Yes, I agree with ProCivic. Easiest way to do it is just tapping the wires into parking lights. There are plenty of videos on the net showing how to do this. The lights would only be one when you click once to turn on your
Parking lights or click twice to turn on headlights. Lights would not always be on.

@PRO Civic If he taps into DRA lights, wouldn't they tun off when he puts his head lights on?

Yes, I'm pretty sure that's how it works. I'm pretty sure all 2006 and newer Civics do this. That's probably the best reason not to wire to the DRLs.
Anybody switched out the led strip with a brighter led strip? And is there any way to fix the cut off with hids with these projectors? I've read some of the comments saying they work better with halogen but I like the hids.