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The official "Ask a Detailer Thread"

Dennis Rockholt

9k Alll Day
Franklin, TN
Vehicle Model
370Z Fairlady aka "Nismo"
Body Style
Not Bashing Meguiars because I still use their products but there are alot of other compounds out there that are a little easier to work than 105/205. For a Beginner you can also get into trouble with those products because of the cut power on them. What I have learned over the years is gradually work your way up ( by doing test spots) and find the combo that works for your paint. On my most recent S2K I went with Rupes Medium Quarz and finished it off with CarPro Essence. I would definitely recommend to do two steps on your black S2k because it tends to show everything. the Finishing Polish will remove those pesky little micro abrasions caused by the cut in the compound (No matter if its heavy or medium cut)

Chop top from Shine Supply(Heavy cut longer working time, Flat Top (Super fast cut less working time) S3xxl Gold from Scholl Concepts... List goes on...Your pad also makes a big difference, you get even a faster working product using Microfiber pads or a closed cell foam pad vs and open cell foam pad. Sorry if I make your head spin a little, but these are all things I think a bout as a detailer when assessing a job.

Keep in mind that when you removed the swirls you brought out the deeper imperfections which is why you're still noticing things on the finish. Also make sure you are using paint safe Microfibers, they are expensive, but when looking for that perfect result, they are worth the money.

Thanks a bunch man, when I am ready to get back and finish it off, I will be sure to talk with you again...