The rant thread

i love the fact that every single time i get my car cleaned we get hit with snow. 20 centimeters tomorrow. and, go figure, the same guy happens to be off work every time this happens so he gets to come in to a nice clean parking lot with clean cars the next day...just saying, it burns me.
Why is it that a muffler shop can't find a muffler that is as quiet as a stock unit for a Acura? Monroe failed miserably. Midas gets a D grade. Seriously, what is so hard to find a muffler that is quiet?

If Acura tried to sell a car that sounds like mine currently does, they would sell very few cars. The car is supposed to be ultra quiet to pretentious people can look down upon the noisy. I want to be snotty when I drive my Acura
I called Midas and expressed my displeasure in a friendly way (I have political skills). I said that I found other mufflers online that looked like they would fit much better but I have to question their quietness. They agreed. I then suggested that maybe it will just be easier to get a muffler from Acura. They said they would discuss it and would call back. hr later, they call and state that they will order a muffler from Acura and install at no charge. If I wanted the Acura midpipe, that would cost an additional $100. I declined. So hopefully on Thursday night, I'll finally be past this
if they'll install an oem acura muffler for what you paid on a midas muffler... that's a huge win on your part.
if they'll install an oem acura muffler for what you paid on a midas muffler... that's a huge win on your part.
indeed. it always helps to be friendly, hang out & shoot the sh1t, Plus I had a horror story about their competitor
Srsly? Going to rain everyone other day till Sunday? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
Sitting in the trailer on the site waiting to see if we are working or not and it's freaking annoying......
Our nice neighbor downstairs was out of his teenage son threw an apartment party. Loud music, slamming, loud drunk talking, etc until I was too exhausted and crashed at 2:30am. :pat: I hate loud people
Well....we survived some nasty storms coming through the Atlanta area with tornadoes...

we'll have some more around 1am though. I'm too tired :(
I found out that I might have to go to China in the near future - for my job. I know that may sound exciting to some, but to me will be a major pita.