DIY 2012 Civic Sliding Armrest


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the clip was able to push out we found out once those screws were out it was easy this is the end result...


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I know this is an old thread, but for people who have problems with taking off the armrest from the 2012 civic, you dont need to transfer the old hinge(2012) to the new sliding mechinism(2013). you can just use the entire 2013 armrest, hinge to replace your 2012 one. No need to be fustrated with figuring out a way to get those two screws......


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Good writeup -- one thing I noticed is that the only hinge listed on various parts sites is 83440-TR6-C01ZC, which is in graphite black. I was looking at my coworker's 2013 LX this morning and her hinge is gray like the surrounding plastic pieces. With a gray interior, having the black hinge peeking out between the top cover and the garnish piece is visually arresting, but I'm not having any luck figuring out a part number for a warm gray (NH686L) hinge. Anyone have some insight into this? I've tried searching 2013 civic parts for "hinge", "armrest", and even just "gray" and haven't found anything that fits the bill.

edit: Looking at parts from wrecked cars, it appears that the part I'm looking for is just the bracket that this writeup removes from the top cover. The top cover I purchased came with no bracket (as some others have said in this thread) and it seems that the bracket isn't available for purchase by itself.
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