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Unfortunately I didnt get a chance to visit a lot of the manufacturer areas but I did see photos of the car. My day consisted of walking a ton and trying to get as many high quality shots as possible. I had plans to go back around 11pm but my lower body was on fire from walking soo much and when I went back to the hotel to edit the first 7 hours of the race, I ended up falling asleep lol. There were sooo many people there this year. I have been 5 times and the last time I went was 2020...this year was insane. I love the new LMDH cars and there was plenty of excitement in all the classes to keep things interesting.

Not sure if I mentioned this but if you guys are familiar with the Gridlife series, they are coming to Carolina Motorsports Park which as you might know Im super familiar with and entered into their ClubTR time attack series. This will be my first ever competition and I know I will be slow but having prior knowledge of this track may give me an edge. Per club rules, the splitter that I had did not meet the requirements so I have sold it to another 9th gen guy. I dont know if I will have the time to make a new one before the event but my intentions are to make one that not only mounts to the splitter rods but is held onto by a bracket system under the car. I also went ahead and deleted my fog lights and may play around with a brake duct system if I get bored.

Corbeau seat still hasnt been installed. The Buddy Club seat adapters are on a 1-2 week backorder and then I still need the air bag resistors. I got the Buddy Club low profile seat rails the other weekend so everything is just sitting around waiting to be installed.

I ordered a new set of tires. Because the ClubTR uses a Falken spec tire, I can either run the RT660s or the 615k+ tires. My thought process is to swap the Continentals with the 615's in a 225/45/17. This would essentially get me that ideal reverse staggered setup everyone uses, the difference being Id have the 660's up front and the 615's in the rear. Ive asked if this would mess with the drivability having two different tires on the car and everyone says no but it could make the rear end a little unpredictable. I dont get the rear oversteer like I want with the square 255 setup so this will be my little science project and if it doesnt work then I could always but the square setup back on. Looks wise, the car is gonna look a little wonky with black wheels up front and blue in the rear lol
Good news, the Autopower roll bar has shipped from San Diego and hoping it'll be here by next wednesday. Also I got the adapter plates for the seat rails...unfortunately I still cant install them in the car yet because I need to modify the belt bolt brackets. They need to be cut and welded on the other side of the rail so that these wide seats can fit.

Attended my first ever SCCA event and it was at no other than VIR. Signed up last minute to test the new setup and shaved 9 seconds off my PB from last May.


Why is that old Charger out there? lol
Why was that old Infiniti out there? Come on now...

I feel like that 2nd lap could have been so much faster if you had a clear path and not held up by the Charger and Infiniti and Civic.

Is it always like that with cars that are WAY slower than you/less experience than you?
Why is that old Charger out there? lol
Why was that old Infiniti out there? Come on now...

I feel like that 2nd lap could have been so much faster if you had a clear path and not held up by the Charger and Infiniti and Civic.

Is it always like that with cars that are WAY slower than you/less experience than you?
I met the guy in the old Infiniti. He bought it for $1300, RHD, and he was just happy to be out there but I never ran into him on the straights. It was always in the corners or corner exits. The dude in the EP3 should not have been out there without an instructor. He was lost and had zero awareness causing crazy trains in fast zones. A lot of time the people with the instructors riding right seat are faster than solo drivers. There were cars out there that shouldve been way faster than me both in power to weight and straight up power (the cayman) and they werent even close. The civic still has another 6 seconds in it IMO. Unfortunately, I ended up cracking and warping my rotors and the drive home that night was sketchy as hell!
big brake upgrade time? ive wanted to do a TL brembo upgrade for a while but again, i dont track my car so it would be a waste of money.
So here was the damage. Took the day off last thursday to swap out the rotors and do some inspections. The problem area was the front was cracked in 3 places on the outside of the rotor and it was warped really bad. The inside of the rotor surface was fine of course and the front left rotor was also fine and undamaged.


I went ahead and replaced them with Stoptech slotted rotors


While I had the wheels off, I cleaned up the area with brake clean and WD-40'd the coilover threads so I could raise the front up a half inch. Coilovers are still working flawlessly!

Yesterday, I contacted my buddy who built the front bumper and rear bumper on my Forester to see if he could modify the Buddy Club seat rails to fit the Corbeau. He killed it and the welds are solid!


I also took out the passenger seat completely to shed some weight. I dug into the Gridlife rule book which said "if it wasnt safety related, it could be removed." I dont need a passenger seat for my safety so out it came along with the belts. Surprisingly the seat belts are heavy...about 6 pounds each. I do have the side airbag warning light on the dash but I ordered the Recaro SRS resistors which are universal fitting.
did you spray the cage while it was inside the car? Was that a nightmare to mask areas you didn't want overspray?