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Security Cameras (Home Setups)


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^^ That. It's crazy how bright a well placed IR light makes the feed. Paired with a decent camera it produces some pretty good footage.


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You should look into an infrared light that is not right near your camera. Bugs/spiders are attracted, so if it’s at least a little ways from your cameras, you won’t have to worry about cleaning webs from your cameras. There are all different types and all different ratings for distance/brightness. It’s invisible light, so it’s not like a visible spotlight, but your camera will pick up the light. I’ve seen some where it basically looked like daytime on the camera feed, yet it can be pitch black where it’s recording.

Thats interesting. Not sure i want to go through all that trouble. Crime in this area isn't bad enough that I need it though. People here will only break into cars and garages if they're unlocked.